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Stella Eyetoo

August 3, 1925 - December 11, 2017

Funeral Visitation Interment
Friday, December 15, 2017, 9:00 AM

Blanding LDS North Chapel
255 East 200 North
Blanding, Utah

The Wake will take place Thursday night
Friday, December 15, 2017

Blanding LDS North Chapel
255 East 200 North
Blanding, Utah

Viewing will take place after Service
Friday, December 15, 2017

Alan Canyon


Jed & Patricia Tate

Blanding Utah

We would like to express our sympathy and love for your family

Larry Lorusso


Stella, honored to have you in my life! You have always treated me wonderful and you are someone important to me.You have taught me many things, and I realize there is more to the World than what can be seen, touched, smelled or heard because of you. How could I ever forget you?
While your blood does not flow through my veins, you are a part of me, the best part. There is not a day that passes without thoughts of you and no matter what happens I will hold you dear in my Heart. Even though your blood doesn't flow through my body, you are my Mom, and I'm the son who leaves but eventually comes back home to visit. Wonderful every time I set my eyes on the Bears Ears, knowing it won't be long to be with you and the family again.
We have shared many adventures together and I have many fond memories of people and places, and what fun! How many times did you say to me, "Larry the road is getting ugly, turn around!" Usually followed with some story of miss adventure to convince me to turn back.
And the stories, never knowing how my questions would be answered by you. Like the time I asked where the Utes cam from and you told me about the Ugovich and the bag of sticks. I enjoy how you told me I remind you of the Ugovich, roaming around the Canyons. Wonderful stories that not only entertained, but taught important lessons. Your knowledge of things amaze me!
Can't leave out your pyromaniac endeavors, there was the time with you and Joni at the field and I thought would be headlines about how you burned southern Utah! The fire died down eventually after even you became concerned and started beating the fire down. Then you wanted my lighter again, and told me not to be scared, but I was very scared, but it was always difficult to say no to you because how good you have been to me!
I'm sorry I can't be with you and the family in Allen Canyon to say farewell, but it makes my Heart happy to know you be there and while my body is here my spirit is with you. I look forward to come visit you at a favorite place and thinking of the many fond times of being with you there.
Stella I Love and miss you and hope I may some day join you of the other side, who knows what adventures may await? Thanks for your care and know you have helped me become a better person, I'm so grateful you came into my life Thank you for everything!

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